2008. december 8., hétfő

Last classes of December

As I had promised, here is the contact number for the Turkish Butcher near Kalvin Ter.  Tel: 06-1-266-99-00.  You need to order 2-3 days before picking it up.

Also, keep in mind that salmon filets are very cheap (half the price of piac!!!) at Auchan 'til 23rd so take advantage of that. :) 

Some few tips from the last class - lamb worked better when it was broiled for 5-7 minutes on either side, rest for another 5 minutes rather than 20-25 minutes as the recipe indicates.  Also, I added goat cheese to the salad on Sunday and that seemed to have worked better.  Please try it that way next time.

Thanks again everyone and until next time... Happy Cooking! ^_^

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