2008. november 20., csütörtök

Oh how cold the weather is becoming!

The day is getting shorter and my dog sleeps just a bit longer... It's the perfect time to reflect and be still with the surroundings.  I'm enjoying my walks with the dog more, feeling the dry leaves under my steps and watching Danube flow as it always has.

The colder temperature has gotten me itching for warming foods and little snacks that I can take in between chores.  I've been roasting butternut squashes a lot these days and playing around with the puree, trying to come up with new recipes.  The one I tried  this evening was a squash flan, made with farm eggs, fresh milk, agave syrup, vanilla and what I call Christmas spices - cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger.  The result?  Not bad, though a bit too gingery maybe and I should have put the eggs through a strainer to make it even more smoother but it looked delicious in the terra cotta cups I brought home from France:)  I'll certainly play around with it a bit more another time, even placed the left over puree in the freezer for later use.

The warming foods I've been turning to is no surprise - soups/stews!  To those who took my last class - I made myself the Italian soup today for lunch in under 15 minutes and in one small pot!  Hey, I was hungry so it was necessary to rush things a bit...  But I do hope it encourages you to cook yourselves a nice meal, even if it's only for you alone.  Afterall, we deserve to treat ourselves nicely, right?

Happy cooking guys and stay warm!  ^_^

Chef Maki

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